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Shanker Self-Reg© is a 5-step method for understanding and managing excessive stress that fosters growth.

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Self-Reg Global is dedicated to creating an international community that is equipped with the science of Self-Reg, and united by the shared vision of a just, self-regulating society.

2022 Webinar Series

Join Dr. Stuart Shanker as he synthesizes the latest neuroscience and re-contextualizes past discoveries, philosophies and ideologies for us to understand in a 2022 world. Each two-hour webinar session will cover a new topic with a new live webinar every month in 2022.

Recontextualizando los comportamientos disruptivos en el jardín de infantes

El Jardín de Infancia (Kindergarten) supone una gran transición en la vida de los niños: de ser niños cuidados y mimados a ser tratados como personas responsables. Ahora son estudiantes y, como tales, tienen que cumplir ciertas expectativas, como se mencionaba en un...

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